Scarlet stands out as our top-selling and most beloved fragrance in our entire collection.

Wondering about its scent?

Scarlet projects a captivating blend of floral, citrus, and fresh notes, creating an alluring & seductive aroma. Its long-lasting formula ensures you stay fragrant all day

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From Our Customers

Love the Packaging 😍😍

Makeup by QB

Long Lasting amazing perfume. I've been using from a month now.

Abdullah Vohra

Highly recommend it. 100% Satisfied with mine

Huzaifa Masood

The Scent is great, and its a great impression of the original. Recommended you to some closed ones!

Very Good collection, 👍Highly recommended. Those who wear perfumes should give it a try.

Love your products, Excellent authentic quality at reasonably low prices. Quick and hassle free delivery.

I actually loved the perfume, bought it for my mother and was so scared because she is an extremely picky person but she loved it. Also loved the durability and how the scent doesn't vanish quickly. Overall its a 10/10 for me including the packaging love it. Will be ordering again. 😍

Loved it sir. Best of all, even after their pecular taste in perfumes.

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